Jul 29, 2009

Stats People Wanted!

When your friends call you "OCD," do you respond, "That's a misuse of 'OCD.' How can a person be 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?'"

Or when your friends call you a "nerd," do you go into a ten-minute explanation on how the Riemann zeta function tattoo covering your chest has cultural significance that all people can enjoy?

Or when your friends call you a "dork," do you tell them to quiet down until you've finished calculating the VORP for all the players on your fantasy baseball team?

Or do you just really love roller derby?

The Chicago Outfit Roller Derby Stats Crew is looking for a few good "Bookies" to join them. Without these folks, bouts don't really happen. Various duties include scorekeeping, penalty-tracking, penalty box-timing, and other things dealing with those symbols you geeks call "numbers." And you're closer to the action than you think... you could even get lucky and find that a derby girl has fallen and slid head-first into your shins!

No prior knowledge of roller derby or its rules is required, but a willingness to learn the various ins and outs of the game is desired.

Email outfitbookies@gmail.com to find out more information on how you can be a part of the growing derby community!

And don't worry about Ogre. He won't hurt you.


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