Sep 28, 2009

Saturday Results

Bout 1: Outfit Shade Brigade 105, Stateline 64
Bout 2: Outfit Syndicate 147, Toronto 28

Recaps to follow.

The Outfit would like to thank everyone who showed up for their final bout of the season. We will see you next year!

Sep 21, 2009

FINAL BOUT of the 2009 Season: They'll Never Take Us Alive

WHAT: Double your pleasure with a double-header of WOMEN'S FLAT TRACK ROLLER DERBY!

WHO: A bunch of folks, so pay attention here...
Bout 1: The Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade vs. Stateline Roller Derby Divas
Bout 2: The Chicago Outfit Syndicate vs. CN Power (Toronto, ON).

WHEN: Saturday, September 26, 2009. Doors open at 6:00pm. Bout 1 starts at 6:30pm.

WHERE: Windy City Fieldhouse @ 2367 West Logan Blvd. Chicago, IL 60647. See below for a map.

WHY: Why? WHY?
(1) Partial proceeds benefit Bridgeport Veterinarian Services.
(2) threeeeee dooollaaarrrrr beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

HOW: Tickets are $15 ahead of time and $20 at the door.

Buy tickets online or visit one of our friendly vendors: Quenchers Saloon, Armory Chicago, Milios Hair Studio, Novem, or Uprise Skate Shop.

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Sep 13, 2009

Syndicate Keeps It Going Against Demolition City, Wins 164 - 26

After their July 18 victory over Motor City Disassembly Line, the Chicago Outfit Syndicate had been eagerly awaiting their next bout without much to do beyond practicing hard and marking off days on the calendar. Two weeks before they could skate, the Outfit's B Team—the Shade Brigade—traveled to Evansville, IN, on August 22 to take on Demolition City's B Team—the Destruction Dames. After pulling out a come-from-behind 53 - 48 victory in a 40-minute bout, the Brigade stuck around to watch Demolition City's A Team—the Dynamite Dolls—skate to victory thanks to several big hits that had many in the crowd looking for cover. The girls of the Brigade reported back home with tales of shoulder hits and flying bodies. The Dynamite Dolls would surelynot be holding anything back when they came to Chicago for a September 5 bout. When the day finally came and push came to shove, however, this wasn't enough, as the Outfit derby-danced to a familiar tune and won 164 - 26 in front of hundreds of screaming fans at the Windy City Fieldhouse in Logan Square.

Looking to avenge both the Destruction Dames' loss and their own 2008 loss to the Outfit at home, Demolition City needed to get off to a fast start. In the opening jam, hopes were high as Godjilla snatched up lead jammer before Outfit jammer and captain Sweet Mary Pain could break through the pack. Sweets, however, immediately broke through and sped past Godjilla, forcing her to call off the jam before either could score. Outfit fan-favorite Queefer Sutherland came in and racked up two grand slams on her way to a 10-point Jam 2 while her blockers kept the Dolls' Lilith of the Valley from breaking the pack. After Jam 3 saw Demolition City's Shelby N Pain put up 3 points to make it 10 - 3, the Outfit flipped on their oft-used switch that would leave the visitors in the dust the rest of the night. The home team went on a 37 - 0 run to start out their 74 - 9 run for the remainder of the half, thanks to not only strong defense (holding Demolition City scoreless in all but 3 first-half jams), but also strong jams from Kim Mortal (11 points in Jam 4), Sweet Mary Pain (13 points in Jam 9), Jennie Lee VonSlaughter (10 points in Jam 10), and another turn from Queefer Sutherland (14 points in Jam 18). With an 84 - 12 halftime lead, things were once again looking up for the Outfit.

Lola Blow takes on DC jammer Macabrera as Photon Pixie looks on

Much to the chagrin of the few Demolition City fans that made the 7-hour drive, the second half echoed the first. These folks found themselves again cursing the names of Sweet Mary Pain (10 points in the second half's opening jam), Kim Mortal (10 points in Jam 4), and Queefer Sutherland (13 points in Jam 6). Chicago's blockers carried their first-half dominance into the second period, with pivots Gaygan and Smashley "The Spaniard" Destructo leading the group and Photon Pixie offering Demolition City jammers more than a handful of hard hits at the rear of the pack. Thanks to play like this, the Outfit's defense was able to shut out the Dynamite Dolls in 11 second-half jams, giving them golden goose eggs in 26 of the bout's 34 jams. At the sound of the final horn, the Outfit found themselves on the proper side of a 164 - 26 outcome.

Queefer Sutherland (53 points/8 jams) and Sweet Mary Pain (52 points/10 jams) led the way for Chicago jammers, who also got scoring passes from Kim Mortal (29 points/5 jams), Graves (12 points/3 jams), Jennie Lee VonSlaughter (10 points/5 jams), and The Joan Ranger (8 points/3 jams). The Dynamite Dolls got their own scoring help from Godjilla (8 points/9 jams), Lilith of the Valley (7 points/9 jams), Shelby N Pain (6 points/7 jams), and Hazardous (5 points/3 jams).

Queefer Sutherland leads the way

The Syndicate now stands at 6 - 0 in 2009 bouts, winning each by an average score of 148 - 46. With recent acceptance into the WFTDA Apprentice Program, next year should bring in some of the country's best teams for both individual bouts and tournament play. While they are excited for this prospect, the Outfit still needs to close out the 2009 Season. They will do just that in the second half of a derby double-header on Saturday, September 26, when they take on Toronto's CN Power at the Windy City Fieldhouse; the Shade Brigade skates against the State Line Derby Divas in the opener of the night. Tickets are now available online.

All photos by Shoot To Kill.

2009 Syndicate Bout Results

September 5 (home): Chicago Outfit Syndicate 164 - Demolition City Dynamite Dolls (Evansville, IN) 26

July 18 (home): Chicago Outfit Syndicate 155 - Motor City Disassembly Line (Detroit, MI) 40

June 27 (home): Chicago Outfit Syndicate 170 - Pikes Peak Slamazons 36

June 6 (away): Chicago Outfit Syndicate 137 - Killamazoo Derby Darlins (Kalamazoo, MI) 55

May 16 (home): Chicago Outfit Syndicate 118 - Sonoma County (CA) 69

March 21 (away): Chicago Outfit Syndicate 142 - G-Rap Attack! (Grand Rapids, MI) 52

Record: 6 - 0